Align your workplace with COVID-19 safety measures and prepare employees for their return with up-to-date information through online training.

Return to the workplace during Covid-19 with Online Training

The COVID-19 pandemic caused radical changes and disruption for organizations, employers, and employees. Any company that could, shifted their infrastructure from the physical workplace to a virtual one. Now, as many companies either begin or plan to return to the workplace, they are confronted with a challenging question: How do we prepare employees to safely return to a pandemic-adjusted workplace?

At Neil Hoosier & Associates, Inc. (NHA), we have created a course that answers that question.

NHA has decades of experience in creating educational courses very similar to the COVID-19 Return to Workplace Training. We have trained over 10,000 users on our Learning Management System and maintain over 500 Computer-Based Training courses.

This course complies with both Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Our talented instructional designers have made the course engaging and understandable for any user and all content has been created in conjunction with a certified epidemiologist.

While this course educates users in accordance with official guidelines, we understand your organization may prefer elements and modifications not already present in this course. NHA is willing and able to customize to your specific needs and make your vision a reality.

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A Sample of the Course

About the Course

On January 21, 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order calling for increased protection and safety for American workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic and has tasked OSHA with submitting revised guidelines for workplace safety. Both the CDC and OSHA recommend that employers provide their employees with training on proper infection control procedures including how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the symptoms of COVID-19, proper use of face coverings, hygiene etiquette, and workplace sanitation.

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington have mandated that employers provide this training.


The COVID-19: A Safe Return to the Workplace course has been designed to allow your organization to thoroughly educate your employees with ease. Features and benefits of the course include:

Engaging, Understandable, and Digestible

Our course is interactive and keeps the user engaged and responsive.

Our course is 508-compliant and ensures anyone and everyone can understand the content.

Our course is 20-minutes in length to maximize user knowledge retention and limit time wasted.

Support Services

We have a team dedicated to resolving any potential issues users encounter. Our help desk will ensure individual issues are handled by us and not you.

Straight Forward Pricing

The course is priced competitively and affordably to satisfy these safety requirements for your organization. We will walk you through any custom design choices and their associated costs upfront.

Fully Customizable Design

Whether you want to just tweak the course or rebuild it from the ground up, we will work to meet your requirements and goals.

Flexible Delivery

Choose between your own or our Learning Management System for delivery of the course. Our trusted Learning Management System has delivered training for thousands of users. We are happy to focus on assigning, managing, and reporting the training so you can focus on your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire course takes about 20 minutes to complete, or 10 minutes for each module. Our experienced instructional designers understand the need to deliver informative content in a timely manner that holds the learner’s attention.

The course incorporates the COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and specific state mandates. Our team will continually update the course based on any changes made to the official CDC guidelines. We have also enlisted the help of a certified epidemiologist to help create and verify all content to ensure you get the most reliable and accurate information.

No, we are happy to deliver the course to your LMS or host it on our own LMS. We believe that by hosting the course on our LMS, our team can quickly address and resolve any user and access issues, make any necessary updates to the course seamlessly, and easily provide managing and reporting data.

Yes. We strive to make all our learning content 508-compliant so that anyone and everyone can access and understand the course.

Our team closely follows any updates on workplace safety made by the CDC, OSHA, and specific state mandates. Our dedicated instructional systems designer and epidemiologist will ensure that any changes to official procedures are quickly implemented into the course for any user to access.