Who We Are

Neil Hoosier & Associates, Inc. (NHA) is a small, SBA 8(a) certified and minority-owned business built on a tradition of reliability, accuracy, and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. We have delivered 20 years of top-notch performance within the public sector, particularly for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as for consulting firms, insurers, employers, and healthcare companies. Our talented staff offers business and IT solutions to Federal, State, and commercial organizations within the framework of a process improvement culture. We leverage our unrivaled expertise, extensive capabilities, and innovative solutions to ensure that our clients achieve their goals while saving money in the process.

Our Values


We share in our clients’ success and we are committed to achieving results and exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Our client relationships are true partnerships. We foster open communication, listen to feedback and facilitate the sharing of ideas.


We pride ourselves on being nimble enough to meet the continually changing needs of our clients.


We believe in honesty and transparency and are always committed to doing business the right way.


We are committed to producing work of the highest quality that our clients can rely on.


We embrace and are committed to giving back to our local communities.

Our Leadership

Our Certifications

Capability Maturity Model Integration

Small Business Administration 8(a): Business Development Program

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) of
NYC, PA and WI

Department of Transportation (DOT) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Our Contract Vehicles

Prime Vehicles

CIO-SP3 is administered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Technology Assessment and Acquisition Center (NITAAC) and offers all agencies a streamlined mechanism for procuring IT services and solutions for the best value.  CIO-SP3 offers government agencies an unprecedented breadth of IT that supports the Federal Enterprise Architecture, the Federal Health Architecture, and the DoD Enterprise Architecture, and it can be used to meet the requirements of agencies with Data Center Consolidation, Cloud Computing, Health IT, Mobility, and Cybersecurity needs.

NHA has come together with FEI Systems to form FEI-NHA, a joint venture that offers a range of IT services and solutions through CIO-SP3 SB, including software development, digital government, outsourcing, integration services, IT operations and maintenance, and IT services for biomedical research, health sciences, and healthcare.

To learn more about our offerings, please visit FEI-NHA’s CIO-SP3 webpage

The CATS+ IDIQ allows the State of Maryland to obtain information technology (IT) resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing task orders specific to its needs. NHA offers services across 10 functional areas.

a. Contract #: GS-00F-337GA

b. SINs: 541611, OLM

FEI-NHA, a joint venture between NHA and FEI Systems, has been awarded an 8(a) STARS III contract. The 8(a) STARS III GWAC is an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved, Best-in-Class (BIC) vehicle to provide information technology (IT) services and IT services-based solutions.  It aligns with the federal government’s category management and spend under management (SUM) guidelines.  Examples of services to be performed under the vehicle include Data Management, Information and Communications Technology, IT Operations and Maintenance, IT Security / IT workforce augmentation, Software Development and Systems Design.

Subcontractor Vehicles

SPARC is a cost-effective, innovative solution for procuring information technology (IT) professional services from a pool of CMS experienced partners. The purpose of this contract is to provide strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services, to facilitate the modernization of CMS business processes and supporting systems. SPARC is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), performance-based contract. It is available to all components within Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and all Health and Human Services (HHS) Operating Divisions to procure IT System development services, from end to end.

The NQIIC supports CMS’ quality improvement efforts across settings and programs to maximum impact to healthcare and value to taxpayers. Contractors deliver data analytics to improve the quality of health-care decisions by patients, families, and clinicians for the full spectrum of quality improvement work that was originally in operation under various CMS networks including QIN-QIO work, the ESRD Network work, the hospital focused large scale improvement work, clinician-focused technical assistance work, and other quality improvement work.

The purpose of the VHA Integrated Healthcare Transformation (IHT) requirement is to provide best value healthcare and professional consulting services to VHA through a pool of highly qualified Veteran Integrated contractor Teams (VITs). This acquisition will support the needs of all VHA program offices across three functional categories: health system transformation and innovation; healthcare implementation and operations support; and healthcare business enabling services.

What our clients are saying

“The MDX Leadership team at the contractor took the initiative to engage and work very closely with CMS, the Legacy system team and the CMS Data Center hosting team to ensure a process was implemented to allow for repeatable, efficient data updates.  …The contractor staff performs the necessary processes and applies a high level of technical expertise to ensure that operations are reliable and run smoothly.”


“The management team is a trusted and valuable project resource for the contract oversight team and for other business components in CMS and their contractors. The management team has been instrumental with meeting unanticipated efforts of support and with truncated timeliness for a segment of requirements in the contract.”


“NHA reports and other deliverables were written clearly, contained all required information and were of high quality, in format and accuracy. NHA has taken steps to continuously improve their report structures, providing enhancements where information is laid out more clearly and organized in a more cohesive manner. CMS greatly appreciates this type of initiative. Based on these criteria, CMS is rating NHA exceptional for quality under this period of performance.”


“Overall, NHA was always professional and courteous in its interactions with CMS and related stakeholders. Key contractor personnel were effective and responsive to CMS inquiries and demonstrated a high level of commitment to customer service.”


“The contractor remained highly flexible when faced with addressing issues stemming from the last minute changes and additional requests from CMS. The contractor skillfully balanced contractor priorities, being careful to assess factors that could affect the Coordination of Benefits & Recovery [COB&R] program.”


“The MSPIC had a high retention rate and continued to operate with experienced managers and staff. This expertise facilitated quick problem solving and generated effective solutions. Key personnel average more than 14 years of Medicare experience and more than 6 years of experience on the MSPIC contract.”