Training, Outreach & Education

Thousands of people from commercial and government entities have relied on NHA’s comprehensive education services and resources. Our in-house instructional designers, subject matter experts, and e-learning specialists create training and education materials tailored to our client’s needs and culture, through a variety of engaging, proven learning techniques and outreach methods.  We both lead and support outreach efforts to effectively engage client and program stakeholders.

Instructional Design

NHA’s team of instructional designers work with you to provide high-quality and cost-effective training solutions by analyzing your learning needs and systematically developing instruction.  Our instructional design efforts are centered around learners’ content retention and skill acquisition by incorporating the tenets of multiple learning theories.  We present content in a simple, meaningful way - the art of good instructional design.  Our services include identification and articulation of learning objectives; design, development, and presentation of instructional content; and, design, development, administration, and evaluation of learning assessments.  NHA provides these services for all types of instructional delivery, including instructor-led training, virtual training, and eLearning. 

Education Delivery

NHA has trained thousands of individuals through self-paced computer-/web-based training, webinars, live training, and town hall style learning events. We use industry-leading software to provide timely training to audiences of all sizes across the country by integrating with the company’s existing learning management system (LMS) to deliver a series of live and on-demand meetings, training courses, and web seminars. Our live sessions can accommodate several hundred participants, who can take advantage of rich, interactive features (such as integrated audio and video, live chat, and real-time polling) and other options that make presentations more engaging and appealing. By merging subject matter expertise and skilled course development, we are successfully able to simulate a classroom environment in an online setting. We also have skilled in-person trainers on hand for those times when an expert is needed in-house.


NHA is adept at translating complicated policy and procedures into straightforward, easy-to-follow informational materials. We leverage a variety of powerful tools to raise awareness among targeted populations, including email campaigns, website postings, electronic surveys and response tracking, website notifications and alerts, webinars, and town hall teleconferences. We ensure that your message is targeted to your audience and reaches them using the appropriate media. NHA has helped thousands of stakeholders receive the critical training and information needed to help them maintain compliance with government regulations.