Transforming Knowledge into Innovative Solutions

The NHA Difference

The Expertise and Experience of a Large Company

Our team includes a core group of nationally recognized industry experts with unrivaled experience working with CMS, the Medicare program and insurers across the nation.

The Personalized Approach and Responsiveness of a Small Business

We are committed to understanding our client’s unique needs in order to deliver tailor-made solutions.

Vast Array of Services

We provide solutions to manage, integrate and assess all phases of program implementation and operations, as well as offering training and outreach.

Uniquely Seasoned 8(a)

We have been in business for more than 20 years, giving us a level of experience and infrastructure that is unique for an 8(a) company.

Recent News

NHA Receives New Contract to Continue as Evaluation & Oversight Contractor

NHA Receives New Contract to Continue as Evaluation & Oversight Contractor The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded Neil Hoosier & Associates (NHA) a new 5-year contract to continue its work on the Evaluation & Oversight (E&O)…

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CMS awards NHA new contract to continue as the Medicare Secondary Payer Integration Contractor

CMS awards NHA new contract to continue as the Medicare Secondary Payer Integration Contractor We are pleased to announce that NHA has won its bid to continue its work as the Medicare Secondary Payer Integration Contractor (MSPIC) for another 5…

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NHA employee survey results show high job satisfaction, strong workplace culture

At NHA, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work.  We value our employees, encourage creativity, celebrate diversity and embrace work/life balance.  Our recent employee survey shows that our staff agrees. More than 90% of employees responded that…

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Our Clients and Partners

What our clients are saying

“The MDX Leadership team at the contractor took the initiative to engage and work very closely with CMS, the Legacy system team and the CMS Data Center hosting team to ensure a process was implemented to allow for repeatable, efficient data updates.  …The contractor staff performs the necessary processes and applies a high level of technical expertise to ensure that operations are reliable and run smoothly”


“The management team is a trusted and valuable project resource for the contract oversight team and for other business components in CMS and their contractors. The management team has been instrumental with meeting unanticipated efforts of support and with truncated timeliness for a segment of requirements in the contract.”


“NHA reports and other deliverables were written clearly, contained all required information and were of high quality, in format and accuracy. NHA has taken steps to continuously improve their report structures, providing enhancements where information is laid out more clearly and organized in a more cohesive manner. CMS greatly appreciates this type of initiative. Based on these criteria, CMS is rating NHA exceptional for quality under this period of performance.”


“Overall, NHA was always professional and courteous in its interactions with CMS and related stakeholders. Key contractor personnel were effective and responsive to CMS inquiries and demonstrated a high level of commitment to customer service”


“The contractor remained highly flexible when faced with addressing issues stemming from the last minute changes and additional requests from CMS. The contractor skillfully balanced contractor priorities, being careful to assess factors that could affect the Coordination of Benefits & Recovery [COB&R] program.”


“The MSPIC had a high retention rate and continued to operate with experienced managers and staff. This expertise facilitated quick problem solving and generated effective solutions. Key personnel average more than 14 years of Medicare experience and more than 6 years of experience on the MSPIC contract.”